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La mia storia in cucina

The experience of hosting people is a real passion.
I lived in Lucerne, I grew up in Tuscany,
Milan, Matera and finally Rome, from all these places
I stole the the secrets of their cuisine!

I started cooking when I was little with my parents, both great cooks! Now I'm a professional certified cook. We welcome you to a unique place with a 5 course dinner, combining my regional cusine with conviviality, storytelling, and friendship around the table. I also participated in a famous TV show "4 RISTORANTIi" di Alessandro Borghese on Sky 1, as one of the Best home restaurants in Rome.

Can't wait to see you at my table!




From the producer to the table

A peek


After a careful research we will take you to the discovery of new Tuscan-Ligurian culinary paths, recipes unearthed from stories and pages of forgotten cookbooks.
I will reinvent traditional dishes from that strip of land where marble  overlooks the sea, Carrara and its wild Lunigiana, an atypical and  less known part of Tuscany.
The products are purchased from the best local organic producers, the lard is from Donata, the vegetables from Cinzia and the fish is from the small fishing boat that docks every day in Fiumicino.
The freshness of the ingredients is the canvas on which to paint your own recipe, it is the root of a  creation.

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not eaten well.
(Virginia Woolf)





Tramezzino Pizza

Un trionfo di sapori per questa ricetta facilissima e super Tasty



Spaghettone di farro con Broccolo & Alici

Evviva il farro... leggerezza e bontà


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